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CEO, Chief Executive Officer

During the Forties, families were big: many children and a huge need of work to satisfy the family needs. There was no space for personal needs. However, Francesco, born in 1943, one of seven children, didn’t lose hope and started to pursue his mission: building houses.

Francesco’s winning factor, beyond braveness and determination, is awareness: he perfectly knows he is living on a unique land and he loves it so much that he bases his work on the natural environment respect. In fact, his first buildings in Costa Smeralda are completely intertwine between rocks, with elegance and in harmony with the environment, not spoiling but enhancing the natural context. This very sensitivity lets Daninvest to build completely complying with the Law, protecting the landscape and satisfying our demanding clients.

Francesco decides and monitors every order, from the easiest to the most complex, with the same accuracy and devotion that he had when he started the business. He is not only respectful to the environment, but he loves to enhance local natural materials, such as granite, wood and marble, wisely worked by Sardinian masters.

Francesco cooperates with every professionals working on the company projects. He is the representative for every single human resource. This way, clients feel that they can rely on the whole Daninvest Group.

He took care of building villas, commercial and residential complexes, private companies and government headquarters, banks, industrial areas, schools and Universities, medical clinics, restaurants.

Nowadays, he is still the first person to arrive in the building sites and the last one to go away: achieving the perfect integration between buildings and environment has become his main mission.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Technical Department Manager

 “Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of Construction is to make things hold together: Architecture is for exciting.
Le Corbusier


Since he was a young child he saw projects becoming buildings, he breathed his father Francesco’s passion, he perceived the family company stuff professionalism: these are the reasons that made Simone Muntone studying Architecture. He was born in 1976 and after graduating in Milan Politecnico (Faculty of Architecture Leonardo) he started to work in a famous Milan designing studio. Simultaneously, he helped his father taking part to every new real estate project. His great passion, the family nostalgia and the strong willingness to work side by side with his father made Simone to choose to come back to Sardinia: since then, he’s been fully involved in the building sector and in the company business.

When he was only twenty-six years old, Simone was already in charge of the technical department, surrounded by experienced and qualified professionals. He was in charge of any new project design as well as works supervision. Thanks to the constant sharing with his father as well as his professionalism and tenancy, he successfully completed the first projects. During the years he has been empowered with more responsibilities and he started to experiment new technics and cutting edge technologies until he was able to create his own project and his own architectural style.

Every single building step – technical design, works management, safety, red tape – is thoroughly under the control of Simone, who takes care of them carefully with accuracy and special passion. His designing philosophy is the creation of a unique and refined building.

He is the creator of many private and government buildings and he works with some of the most famous professionals.

He loves traveling. He loves both the seaside and the mountains. He takes advantage of his hobby to discover new locations, different architectural styles thus finding inspiration. He is particularly sensitive to environment protection. In fact, he always tries to combine landscape, architecture and wellness. Quoting Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, “Architecture begins where two stones are overlapped carefully. That’s why Simone sees the building site as his own house: he is always there, wisely focusing on any small detail and carefully taking every decision.

He is a member of the Register of Architects (OAPPC at no. 426), Section A, of the County of Sassari and Olbia – Tempio.

“In my job I listen to everybody and I share opinions, but I always pursue my dream…”

Simone Muntone


Accounting Advisor
Accounting, Fiscal and Financial Manager

She was born in 1984. Rita already  had bright ideas since she was young. She enrolled in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sassari. She graduated with merit in the bachelor degree course of Consultancy and Management.

In 2011, she attended the Master class in “Fiscal law, accounting and fiscal planning” at the Luiss Business School – Roma with the goal of improving her professional know how. Thanks to the Master course she could meet many professionals from Rome, who work in the field of fiscal policies and fiscal planning: these experiences helped her to improve her knowledge.

In 2012 she started to work with one of the most famous Rome advisors, specialized on international fiscal policies: “LS Lexjus Sinacta”. Thanks to this experience, Rita can now provide more and more comprehensive service and she starts to be known for her accuracy, reliability and meticulousness.

In 2013, she passed the exam to register as Accounting Advisor and she also became Civil Arbitrator. Thus, she started a new partnership with “Sixtema S.p.A.”, based in Modena, specialized in the field of civil arbitrations.

Despite the satisfying professional achievements she decided to leave Rome and to move back to Sardinia to go with Francesco and Simone, helping them running the Daninvest Group. Being in charge of the Administrative department, she takes care of the relations with financial operators, clients, suppliers, employees and external partners. However, her most important contribution is her point of view: she sees a new house as a “guest”, not as a “builder”. This way the family is able to create the perfect synergy: the designer, the builder and the guest who sees the new house as her own house.

She is still attending her continuous learning fiscal courses (organized by the “Il Sole 24 Ore” Business School). She is always keener to create a solid network between fiscal policy professionals around Italy.

Fiscal policy updates are her priority. Fiscal Policy Laws is continuously changing and she can therefore propose completely customized advices, which require research, solutions and interpretations.

She is a member of the Accounting Advisors Register of Olbia – Tempio Pausania (no. 207/A).

She is a member of the Commission for Professional Trainings in the local Association of Accounting Advisors.

She loves traveling and she is devoted to the Sardinia sea. She practices water sports and she loves to “leave” the harbour and been surprised by every new “Sea View” scenery.

“Our job is not to give the client what he wants but what he never dreamed”.

Denys Laudsun