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Villa L’infarru, Porto Cervo (1970)

“The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams.”

Paulo Coelho


Every experience that marks the time is based on a starting dream. Since he was young, Francesco Muntone had a pretty clear dream: starting a building company. We all know that chasing our dreams is not always easy. And it was even more difficult during the Sixties, when Francesco bravely and doubtlessly resigned from a Government permanent job and started a journey towards his dream.

Simone, Francesco’s father, wasn’t happy at all of his son choice: any parent’s dream is watching his/her children build a stable future, made of safe harbours and still waters. But the only certainty was that Francesco wanted to build houses.

In 1960, despite his father’s regret, Francesco bravely chose: he started his own building company. Every single new projects he realized was the confirmation of the wise choice. He is completely involved in every order placed. His name started to be known around and the word-of-mouth took it to new potential clients.

The breakthrough choice was taken when he decided to move the company to Northern Sardinia: Costa Smeralda is growing. There is need of passionate professionals, reliable as well as respectful of environment.

“Pantogia was only a hill of rocks, Mediterranean bushes and herd of wild boar. We created the entry road to the plot of land and we built power and water systems. This way we were able to build the very first house of Pantogia…”. This is how Francesco replies when people ask him to recall that distant years, which are still very clear in his mind. Surrounded by rockrose, rosemary and brooms, Pantogia is nowadays one of the most exclusive areas of Costa Smeralda: Francesco, after years of dedication and experience, finally fulfilled  his dream.

After Costa Smeralda, he started to work in Palau, La Maddalena, Baja Sardinia, Porto Rotondo, Puntaldia, Porto Ottiolu. In general, his company was working from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Orosei.

The business grew and Francesco created a new department. It was completely specialized in Government buildings: kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, colleges and universities (for example: the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Sassari) as well as other government buildings. In the same time, the main company went on developing private buildings both on its own and on clients’ behalf: housing, residential areas, commercial and industrial areas.

Simultaneously, Francesco’s family grew. His children, Rita and Simone, joined their father and founded the Daninvest Group: each of them specialized in a key area for residential, commercial, industrial and rural building development.

Daninvest Group, basing on the experience developed since 1960 and complying to current Laws, is aimed to research and innovation, using top quality materials and products, choosing cutting edge technics and technologies in order to achieve excellence from small renewal projects to new buildings.

Francesco nowadays is still leading Daninvest Group. He’s the CEO. He strongly believes that his dream, that now is also his children’s dream, has still a long road ahead.

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